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Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts

Most of us have one or more.
Understand all their services? Looked at the charges you pay? Ever “shopped around” for a better deal? PSU or private?
All you need to know about bank accounts….

Home Loans

Home Loans

Essential for achieving one of your biggest aspirations – your own home.
Quick Eligiblity check? Ever reconciled advertised vs actual interest rate pay? Ever switched loan providers?
We give you all you need to know about loans….

Credit Card & Personal Loans

Credit Card & Personal Loans

Credit cards and Personal loans are starting to be used a lot. But the fineprint still remains a mystery to most users.
All you need to know about Credit Card & Personal Loans…

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Aware there are non-equity mutual funds too? Ever compared charges? Are there any alternatives?
All you need to know about Mutual Funds…


Savings Accounts

Fixed Deposit Types

Home Loan

A few of ZAM’s Core Features



Most other product comparison sites are intermediaries with incentives to show you products that they get the biggest cut on. We are fiercely independent in choosing our product (so our top products that we highlight will be the top products REGARDLESS of whether the product provider is paying us or not)




We cut through the “noise” and focus on the essentials. We believe if something can’t be explained simply, it is not worth investing in. Financial services industry has a knack of making a simple products complex. We like our customer to understand things as they should be – simple.



Expert Advice

We know what we are talking about. We are a team of financially savvy investors with over 50 years of cumulative institutional financial experience. We have first-hand created some of these products that baffle you at times.



We believe what finally matters to you, the customer, is growth in your overall savings — rather than make money in one financial product. Hence, we cover all aspects of financial services that touch your life – your savings accounts, credit cards, loans etc.




Good things don’t come free. We think good financial advice also comes at a premium. We charge a nominal subscription fee but rest assured, you will always know what charges you pay us. There are no hidden charges or surprises.




If you are a registered client, we will provide personalised advice depending on your specific situation. We will also monitor your financial progress in meeting your goals. You will also have access to deals specific to you.



What others are saying

  • “ I thought I was pretty financially savvy until I came to your site. There is incredible amount of information which the banks and other financial institutions never tell us. Now I know how these organisations make so much money!”
    Senior tech professionalFrom a senior tech professional
  • “No one has been able to so simply explain financial products – but then I realised most of them don’t have any incentive to. Thanks for the initiative – I shall be a regular visitor!”
    Senior company executiveFrom a senior company executive